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first post!

2009-02-21 09:52:54 by fluffy-mcduff

wow... im posting in my blog... thats pretty neat... well, you cant really call it a blog, the little banner up there does say news post after all...
anyways: UPDATES!
>thanks for comments on Dance Party Get! they were all really helpful. i'm working on the sequel right now, and i gaurantee you that it wont be nearly so repetitive! :3 a picture of it is included.
>im also working on a little thing that involves a hotel, a man, a car, and muted shades of brown. you'll like it, methinks. :P
>if you haven't yet, go look at my KI test game, it's a pretty neat little gadget.
>im thinking of taking up parkour... not like stick figure parkour, actual parkour. not in flash.

fluffy mcduff, over and out.

first post!


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